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2020 Historic Autographs POTUS - The First 36 Premium Box - 3 BOX CASE ONLY



Each Premium Box will contain

  • (1) Autographed item that features a signature of one of the first 36 United States Presidents
    • Every President is represented AT LEAST THREE TIMES within the Premium boxes
    • There are dual autograph cut card; each featuring one of the First 36 Presidents alongside a more modern POTUS
    • No more than (25) of any version will be produced - the (3) versions are Full LOA, HA Cut card or HA Duals
    • Presidents may have more than (25) autographs within the product but limited to (25) or less in a single category
  • (1) 2020 HA Historic DNA Hair card that contains a strand of authentic hair from one of 12 different POTUS
  • (2) 2020 HA US Coin cards that feature a precious metal US coin minted during the term of the President featured on the card
    • Precious Metal coins are all numbered (some as few as #/5 up to #/35) exclusive to the Premium
    • There is a unique Precious Metal coin #1/1 card for each of the 36 Presidents
    • Coins include gold coins, silver quarters, silver dimes and silver half-dimes
  • (1) rare 2020 HA Famous Quotes laser etched POTUS card that are exclusive to the Premium box (all cards #/10 or #1/1)
  • (1) 2020 Historic Autographs POTUS, the First 36 complete 126-card Factory set (all #/499 on premium 36pt cardboard)
  • A complete checklist will all cards pictured along with quantities for the 2020 HA POTUS, the First 36 in a 44-page booklet